US blocks sales of some AI chips to China as tech crackdown intensifies

AI Chip
AI Chip

Some US officials have told Nvidia to stop exporting two of its artificial intelligence work, which would cripple Chinese firms, reports Guardian UK.

The company announced their CPU for machines that want to do tasks like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Nvidia A100 will be unable to do any such tasks.

The US military procurement ban suggests that the government is concerned about risk for the product being used by the Chinese military.

The United States is taking steps towards other security measures, related to technologies and specific technology users, to protect the U.S.

The US has imposed a ban on chips made in China, in an escalation of their crackdown on China’s technological capability.

AMD was told that China would not allow its MI250 AI chips to be exported, but the MI100 are okay. One problem is that there will be many tasks lost with this restriction in place, such as image and speech recognition.

Recognizing and processing images are consumer technologies on smartphones that can answer queries, tag photos, and recognize objects.

Satellites are used to find weapons, bases, and other information. They can also be used to filter intelligence.

The company has not been granted an exemption for the tariffs yet, but the company is confident that applications will be approved. If these tariffs are in place, then Nvidia could lose millions from just one country if China decides to stop buying their products.

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