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Uganda: Elephants escape park, kills two

Uganda: Elephants

Two people have lost their lives after a herd of elephants broke out of a Ugandan park.

The elephants also destroyed crops and farmland as they wandered from Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is in the west of the country, about 278 kilometers away from Kampala, the capital city.

According to Kasese Resident District Commissioner, Joe Walusimbi, “The elephants moved from the park to a neighboring village called Kasandala, where they caused havoc.

“The government will evaluate the damage done and compensate those affected.”

Also, a spokesman for the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Bashir Hangi, confirmed the tragic incident.

He expressed his sympathy to the families of the victims and assured them that the government will support them.

Stating that the villagers are living in fear of more attacks by the elephants, Kasandala village chief, Augustus Muzimbi, disclosed that the two people who died were Yoramu Mugisha and Deo Mujuke.

He said Mugisha was working in his garden when the elephants attacked him while Mujuke was returning from fishing in a lake close to the village when he met the same fate.

One of Uganda’s most scenic and diverse parks, Queen Elizabeth National Park, boasts a rich variety of habitats and species.

Tourists flock to the park to see the many wild animals that live there.

However, the park also faces threats such as poaching, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflicts, and climate change.

These challenges may have led to the recent escape of the elephants from the park.

This incident highlights the need for more conservation and awareness efforts to safeguard both the people in the area and the wildlife.