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South Africa: Serial child s3x offender gets 12 life sentences

Serial child s3x offender
Gerhard Ackerman

A 52-year-old man, Gerhard Ackerman, has been found guilty of committing several s3x crimes against children and received 12 life sentences by a court in South Africa.

The court convicted Gerhard Ackerman on 723 charges, including s3xually abusing and exploiting children, having child pornography, attempted murder and making money from crime.

For the pedophilic offences, Judge Mohamed Ismail of the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, in his judgement on Monday, said ”Mr. Ackerman, you have not displayed remorse for the enormity of your actions.

“In fact, you’re not a benevolent, caring person.

“Mr. Ackerman, you’re sentenced to 12 life sentences.”

The massage parlor owner in Johannesburg, Ackerman, was caught breaking the law by hiring boys aged 14 to 16 to offer s3xual services along with massages to adult customers.

Judge Ismail, who banned Ackerman from working with children in the future stated that Ackerman was a key player in the illegal business and earned his income from the abusive acts done by the children.

The judge explained that although Ackerman received 12 life sentences, he will effectively serve only one life sentence.

“The accused was instrumental in making videos of child pornography, which he distributed to his clients.

“The accused benefited from child victims.

“He arranged children to participate in activities where he received a benefit from their actions in massaging or engaging in lewd s3xual activities with his clients,” Judge Ismail said.

Ackerman got a scolding from the judge in court when he tried to speak by raising his hand.

The judge told him to send his request for a new trial to both the court and the State before November 15.

The date for the hearing of the retrial motion is November 30.

For running the human trafficking ring, Ackerman faced charges along with acting judge and senior advocate Paul Kennedy who has since committed suicide.

The ring operated from September 2020 to July 2021.