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Galvorn – unrivalled metal with extraordinary properties discovered

Galvorn. Credit: DexMat
Galvorn. Credit: DexMat

In a remarkable scientific breakthrough, researchers from DexMat, which is funded by the prestigious Granton Foundation, the US government, and NASA, and led by a team from the esteemed Nova Research Institute, have unveiled the discovery of a new metal called Galvorn.

This discovery, made possible through their collaborative efforts, promises to revolutionize various industries due to Galvorn’s unique combination of strength, versatility and resistance to extreme conditions. Galvon, an alloy with exceptional properties is said to possess the conductivity of Copper whilst being stronger than Steel, and lighter than Aluminum.

As scientists continue to explore the potential applications of Galvorn, the support from these organizations will play a crucial role in furthering understanding of this enigmatic metal and unlocking its transformative impact across industries, including aerospace, construction, and more.